My Story


Ana Leonardy Life Coach, LLC, was birthed out of my own desire to find freedom. Let’s face it, transition is hard and too many of us feel stuck in certain areas of our lives.  We desire change but instead we allow our perceived obstacles to hinder us from moving forward. I was at this place for a long time and finally decided to do something about it.  As I faced my own fears of a new life challenge, I realized that if I did nothing then nothing would change. I came to the conclusion that if I made no effort to move forward then I would have allowed myself to remain stuck. This was something that I just couldn’t live with so I made up my mind to do something, but more than just do something, find something that I was passionate about.

That is when I decided to become a Certified Professional Life Coach! I began to take steps to move forward and create change. In this process, I was reawakened to many things but most importantly, to my passion to help people; there is nothing more exciting than seeing others experience freedom.  Doing the work was hard, but it was well worth the effort and the investment. Moving forward requires steps in a new direction!

After graduating from Christian Coach Institute I decided to further my vision and start my own business. Currently, I work with women in all walks of life and professions who are looking for a new life challenge and who are ready to transition into their desired future.  I help my clients identify hindrances that prevent forward movement and partner with them to envision new direction and to freely move to do what makes them happy.  If you feel stuck in any aspect of life then I would love to partner with you and help you get to the other side of your vision.

God designed you for more than just the status quo.  Take it from someone who pushed through, YOU CAN DO IT!

Your Life Coach,

Ana Leonardy, CPLC