Ana Leonardy Life Coach, LLC, was birthed out of my own desire to find freedom from the false belief systems I had about myself. Breaking away from mindsets that have led our lives can be hard and too many of us feel stuck in our thought processes.  Initially, working toward breaking free was difficult but in my pursuit, I found something that would bring me purpose. That purpose is helping women, just like me, work through their fears and begin a journey of faith toward how God sees them and how to identify their value and worth. 

After graduating and becoming certified through Christian Coach Institute, I decided to further my vision and start my own business. Currently, I work with women in all walks of life to help them identify what is necessary to begin the process of reframing who they are and creating a more positive future designed by their God given gifts. 

God designed you for more than just the status quo.  Take it from someone who pushed through, YOU CAN DO IT!

Ana Leonardy, CPLC