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Ana Leonardy Life Coach Kennesaw Georgia Explains “Why A Christian Life Coach”

Christian life coaches approach life coaching from a Godly perspective. Ana Leonardy partners with you, offering support, encouragement, and challenges to enable you to become all that God has in mind for you to become.

”Working with a Christian life coach you invite God into the process. Doing all the work by yourself, without support, can be difficult.”

Christian life coaches help you to discover and create a plan to help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Christian life coaching helps with scripture that encourages you to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  When you change what you believe, your thoughts change. Christian life coaching helps when you change the way you think your feelings change. In addition, when you feel differently about things it affects the way you behave. When your behavior and habits change, your whole life begins to change.

Ana Leonardy Life Coaching helps you renew your mind with God’s word. Walk-in newfound confidence and have the courage to follow your God-given dreams. Christian life coaching enables you to step back, examine your life and explore alternatives. Working with a Christian life coach such as Ana Leonardy leads to greater self-awareness, focus, and productivity through accountability.

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