New beginnings and transition are not easy and most often not sought after. When I began my journey to reinvent myself and pursue a career as a Certified Professional Life Coach, it took me a year before I even followed through. When I finally began my forward steps into this new venture, I felt so encompassed by fear of the unknown that it felt paralyzing. Through the course of my journey and as I began to get down to the nitty gritty of this fear, I was awakened to what had been holding me back. Like some of us, it was my inability to let go and the negative thoughts I had believed about myself.  

We have all heard how our belief systems have the power to take us down or lift us up and that what we practice day to day within our belief systems can either have a positive influence or a negative one.  However, what we all may not realize is that what we do (or don’t do) when we finally come to recognize the impact of our beliefs, can be the difference between personal success or personal failure; especially pertaining to those belief systems that hold us back from living powerfully and those prohibiting us from forward movement. 

At the point that I began my own life transition, I was mentally exhausted. The thought of doing the work to create change in my life seemed burdensome. The desire for “more” was not united with the passion or drive to get there. I felt stuck and while I allowed myself to live in my own “groundhog day,” I constantly dreamt of a different future and wondered how I would find my freedom.  Here is what I learned – Sometimes we must walk out our own journey and trust the process. Sometimes we have to move ourselves and start believing for more. Remember that often times we are the only ones who can take initiative to rescue ourselves. This was exactly my story.  Once I took my first steps into my vision, I began to see life from a different lens. The more I journeyed, the more things became clear, the more I navigated, the more I gained strength and purpose to keep on moving. 

We need to remember that moving forward, even in small steps, is the key to all things great.  With each step, we begin to break down the obstacles that are standing in our way and each step creates new momentum. Forward movement is the absolute key to getting to the other side of anywhere. With each step, we begin to pursue the things that light our soul.  There is a saying, “life is built on moments,” but what we do with these moments is the key that unlocks our doors.  Whether your journey is large or small, the process of coaching affords everyone the ability to reach beyond.  Coaching is a process by which you may start out as a closed bud but eventually, as the layers are peeled, you begin to blossom and flourish in life. Coaching allows you the ability to gain awareness, envision your dreams, take steps to get you to where you want to go, and overcome what is standing in your way.  My passion is to champion you to the other side of your vision! 

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Ana Leonardy, CPLC