Tips for studying the Bible for beginners or experienced believers. It can be hard trying to find ways to study the bible with Jesus around our already busy lifestyles. We are not taught in church how to read the bible, but studying the bible is a very important activity of Christianity. Hopefully, these tips will help you to learn how to study the bible with grace.

  1. Choose the right Bible translation for you! King James Bible is hard to read, NIV has a solid translation that is well respected, and ESV as another translation is considered the most accurate translation according to the ancient languages. More translations to consider are NLT, ICB, and has many different translations of the same verse or verses and I suggest you get a feel for which one you prefer.
  2. Get the right Bible for you! Choose a translation that you like, one that makes sense to you, and buy a paper Bible in that translation. Having a paper Bible you can read, highlight, and write in the margins. This is great for looking back at passages and remembering what you have learned.
  3. Don’t be hesitant to write in your Bible! That can involve coloring your bible, highlighting, writing over top of text, adding notes, and dates are important for consistent Bible study habits.
  4. Start out small one chapter a day or 15 minutes a day! Once that becomes a habit you can always increase your time or stay consistent with once a day.
  5. Create yourself a schedule for Bible studying! It doesn’t matter when you do it just get it done with a schedule so you can establish a habit.
  6. Keep your studying material together! When it’s time to bible study have it all together already so you can get right to studying in your spot that’s productive.
  7. Pray before Studying and stay away from putting rules on yourself! It’s about having a personal relationship with God pray before God can be the same prayer or whatever your heart feels. Ask God to join you, and open your heart and eyes to the message God has for you.
  8. Write Scripture and think about a daily collection of short Bible passages! Most of the time the short Bible passage may include a scripture reference and short reading and then a prayer.

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